Roy Lichtenstein Alloway, Lawrence

Art Since 1960 Archer, Michael

Alfonse Mucha: The Spirit of Art Nouveau Arwas, Victor

Gustav Klimt Bailey, Colin

Modern European Art Bowness, Alan

Paper Dreams Canemaker, John

Overbite Cooper, David

Underbelly    Cooper, David

Maxfield Parrish: A Retrospective Cutler & Cutler

Kandinsky DK Publishing

Toulouse-Lautrec Felbinger, Udo

Hudson River School, The Ferber, Linda S.

Hokusai Forrer, Matthi

Legacy Frazetta, Frank

Frazetta, Book 4 Frazetta, Frank

Living Legend, The Frazetta, Frank

Faeries Froud, Brian & Lee, Alan

In the Studio Hignite, Todd

On Line Hirschfeld, Al

Italian Painting     Konemann

Edward Hopper Kranzfelder, Ivo

Lowlife Paradise: The Works of Glenn Barr Last Gasp

Rick Griffin Last Gasp

Todd Schorr: Dreamland     Last Gasp

Movements in Art Since 1945 Lucie-Smith, Edward

Segni e Colori Mattotti, Lorenzo

Unfiltered: Art of Ralph Bakshi  McDonnell, Gibson

Van Gogh Milner, Frank

The Modern Century MoMA

Threadless Nickell, Jake

Cezanne Nonhoff, Nicola

Picasso Penrose, Roland

Art of Monsters Inc, The Pixar

Les Femmes de Corto Maltese Pratt, Hugo

Franz Marc Rosenthal, Mark

Freelance Roth, Arnold

Rembrandt’s Eyes Schama, Simon

Edward Hopper: Portraits of America Schmied, Wieland

Van Gogh Sirrocco Press

Disney That Never Was, The Solomon, Charles

Manet Stevenson, Lesley

Harlem Renaissance, The Art of Black America Studio Museum of Harlem

Salvador Dali Swinglehurst, Edmund

Gardner’s Art Through the Ages Tansey & Kleiner

Wondrous Strange: The Wyeth Tradition    Wyeth, NC, Andrew, James

Visions of Adventure Wyeth, NC, etc.

Age of French Impressionism, The Yale Press

F Books

Iron Castle Farmer, Philip Jose

Wind Whales of Ishmael, The Farmer, Philip Jose

World of Tiers, Vol. 1 Farmer, Philip Jose

World of Tiers, Vol. 2 Farmer, Philip Jose

This Side of Paradise Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Inkheart Funke, Cornelia

Theif Lord, The Funke, Cornelia

F Comics

The Sandman Papers Fantagraphics

The Comics Journal, Winter 2004 Special Edition Fantagraphics

Comics Journal Library, Volume 3, R. Crumb, The Fantagraphics

Comics Journal Library, Volume 3, Harvey Kurtzman, The Fantagraphics

B. Krigstein Comics Fantagraphics

America Feiffer, Jules

Great Comic Book Heroes, The Feiffer, Jules

Clifford    Feiffer, Jules

Munro    Feiffer, Jules

Kin-Der-Kids, The Feininger, Lyonel

E Books

Name of the Rose, The Eco, Umberto

Wild Things, The Eggers, Dave

Stalking the Nightmare Ellison, Harlan

Again Dangerous Visions Ellison, Harlan

Approaching Oblivion Ellison, Harlan

Dangerous Visions Ellison, Harlan

Deathbird Stories Ellison, Harlan

The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of The World    Ellison, Harlan

Shatterday   Ellison, Harlan

Alone Against Tomorrow    Ellison, Harlan

Ellison Wonderland    Ellison, Harlan

An Edge in My Voice     Ellison, Harlan

D Comics

Hulk: Future Imperfect David, Peter

Fantastic Four: The End Davis, Alan

Marquis Inferno, The Davis, Guy

Showcase Presents Robin Vol. 1 DC Comics

Showcase Presents The Doom Patrol Vol. 1 DC Comics

Showcase Presents Enemy Ace Vol. 1 DC Comics

Showcase Presents Metamorpho DC Comics

Showcase Presents Teen Titans Vol. 1 DC Comics

Showcase Presents Batgirl Vol. 1 DC Comics

Showcase Presents Aquaman Vol. 3 DC Comics

DC’s Greastest Imaginary Stories Vol 2 DC Comics

Superman Chronicles, Volume 6 DC Comics

Batman Chronicles, Volume 1 DC Comics

Superman Chronicles, Volume 1 DC Comics

Legion of Superheros: 1050 Years of the Future DC Comics

Superman: Doomsday DC Comics

Return of Superman, The DC Comics

Quietly Sure, Like the Keeper of a Great Secret Deery, Jo

Spiderman: The Saga of the Alien Costume DeFalco, Tom

Alias the Cat   Deitch, Kim

Spider-man Masterworks vol 5  Ditko, Steve

D Books

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Dahl, Roald

Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror- 2006 Datlow, Ellen

Coyote Road, The Datlow, Ellen

Faerie Reel, The Datlow, Ellen

Our Hero, Superman on Earth DeHaven, Tom

It’s Superman! DeHaven, Tom

Valis Dick, Philip K.

Great Expectations Dickens, Charles

Oliver Twist  Dickens, Charles

Steampunk Trilogy, The DiFilippo, Paul

RiboFunk    DiFilippo, Paul

Complete Sherlock Holmes, The Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Time & the Gods Dunsany, Lord

Book of Wonder, The Dunsany, Lord

Ragtime     Doctorow, E.L.